Writing is easy. Finding the right words to make it pop?

That is where it gets tricky, and that’s where I can help.

There are many reasons why you would hire a freelance writer. Maybe you hate writing, or are juggling a million different things and have no time. Whatever the reason, a freelance writer can help you create eye-catching, and thought-provoking content.

Why you should hire me.

What do I bring to the table that makes me the writer for your project?

I have an adventurer’s spirit and am interested in a plethora, yup a plethora, of subjects. From construction to massage therapy, I have been lucky enough to have had great opportunities, both professionally and as personal interests, have developed a broad base of knowledge in many different fields, and I always love learning about new things.

Being a Gen X-er has allowed me the opportunity to grow up in & experience two different worlds. Through my childhood and teenage years I trekked to the library, and wrote all my projects on my typewriter. In my early adult years at college I had access to the early internet, and word processing software. This gives me the versatility, and ability to work comfortably on a variety of platforms and mediums.

I love reading, writing, and yes, even research. I love helping people, and I can do this by easing some of your stress to create great content. All this makes for a great combo when choosing a writer.

What do I do?

Freelance Writing
I write the gamut, from editorial to informational articles. I write for both print and web based sites, providing informative and thoughtful pieces that pull readers in.
Content Creation
From blog posts, to website text, to social media content. I create content that suits your needs & audience, and helps build your brand.
Ghost Writing
I enjoy writing in many different voices, and I can give voice to your stories, and ideas.